Authentication of Official Seals by MOFA 公印確認


Japan MOFA Authentication

Authentication of Official Seals by Japan MOFA

Authentication of Official Seals

Japanese MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) authenticates an offical seal on a public document for legalization. This is a traditional way of document legalization before Convention de La Haye du 5 octobre 1961, and is still available.

Authenticaion of Official Seals by Japanese MOFA is prerequisit before consul authentication. Therefore you need to get the document authenticated by Consul at an embassy (or consulate) in Japan before you use it.

What we can do for you

As a registered Administrative Scrivener

"Gyoseishoshi", literally translated Administrative Scrivener, is a registered specialist in documentation, officially qualified by laws in Japan.

As a registered Administrative Scrivener, we can arrange:
- Legalization
- Notarization
- Translation
for you.


Legalization is the process at Japan MOFA and/or Foreign delegate in Japan before you submit the document in your home country or embassy. We are very pleased to assist you to get your document legalized in Tokyo.


Notarization is the process required before Legalization for a private document such as translation, power of attorney, etc.


We arrange English translation of the original Japanese document such as Family Register, Certificate of Acceptance, etc.